An Loi – 7104 Minstrel Way #9, Columbia

An Loi

7104 Minstrel Way #9, Columbia, MD 21045, USA

+1 410-381-3188

(5 reviews)

Vietnamese Restaurant

3 thoughts on “An Loi – 7104 Minstrel Way #9, Columbia

  1. R. Burns says:

    I always get the grilled pork chops. I love it and I get 2 chops so I can get a second meal for the money. I also love the rolls (fresh & fried). My husband loves the Pho H6. He says it makes his belly happy.

  2. Cecelia Anderson says:

    Personal best dish: pork chops and the tomato rice. They have flavored their pork chops with some type of deliciousness that I have not tasted at any other Vietnamese restaurant. When you try the pork chops here, you will know exactly what I’m talking about!

  3. Rinne Michelle says:

    Very good food! Wonderful service! Would definitely come again and again and I don’t live near here.

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