Carpaccio Tuscan Kitchen – 1 Park Place, Annapolis

 Carpaccio Tuscan Kitchen

 1 Park Pl, Annapolis, MD 21401, USA

 +1 410-268-6569

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4 thoughts on “Carpaccio Tuscan Kitchen – 1 Park Place, Annapolis

  1. Disappointing.

    Very nice atmosphere, if a little rundown, very hospitable service. Prices were reasonable if the food were well-prepared. But as it is, it turned out not to be a good value.

    A seafood platter featured seafood that was initially frozen (could feel that part of the shrimp was still frozen). Veal was overcooked, a little dry and chewy.

    I guess there’s a reason we haven’t been here in a while.

  2. Stacy Lancaster says:

    We have never been disappointed with an evening at Carpaccio. The food and service are outstanding. They will make something off menu if requested. The wine is very good.
    We tried their brunch for the first time. It was delicious.

  3. Frankie Hall says:

    This was our first time visiting Carpaccio and it turned out to be fantastic! I’m personally not a huge fan of pasta so I got the Salmon Casino Style and even though it was good, it definitely not as good as my wife’s Penna Vodka Carpaccio Style. My daughter’s pizza was also very good as well as for the desserts. Definitely a place we’ll be attending again

  4. Constance Polamalu says:

    It’s tough to get bad service in Annapolis but this place is a cut above the rest!

    Order anything and you will be more that satiated. They are great at accommodating for allergies and Gluten Free. I personally always order whatever the Fish Special is so long as it can be made gluten free.

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