Jalapenos – 85 Forest Plaza, Annapolis


 85 Forest Plaza, Annapolis, MD 21401, USA

 +1 410-266-7580


(5 reviews)


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5 thoughts on “Jalapenos – 85 Forest Plaza, Annapolis

  1. We retired to Florida and miss Jalapenos. We always meet friends at Jalapenos when we visit Maryland. The staff and food are always excellent. The gentleman who greeted us serenaded our friend for her birthday–so sweet! Until next trip…

  2. David Freeman says:

    OMGosh! This is a Spanish tapas place with truly wonderful food. The service is fantastic too. I’m guessing this is one of the top restaurants in Annapolis. You wouldn’t know it by its Shopping Center strip mall location. I could start describing food items, but this review would go on for many pages. I don’t think I’ve ever had anything I don’t like there. The one caveat about this place is that it’s a tapas place with tiny portions.(I’m kind of a Frugal cheapskate most of the time.) It has almost entree like prices for the tiny items. You need to order a lot, and it ain’t cheap. But it is fantastic.

  3. Alice Romanych says:

    Excellent food and service. Great choices for “small plates” and dinners alike.

  4. Eileen Garcia says:

    The wait staff was amiable and professional. We had a party of five. We had multiple requests all fulfilled wryly pleasant and efficient service.

  5. JESSICA CELIA says:

    This place was wonderful. I had gotten married on 8/19/18 and came here with family for a late dinner. My wonderful husband and I arrived late, which made our group stay well pass closing. The staff was wonderful, service was fast and accommodating. I would recommend this place without a doubt. Thank you

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