Potato Valley Café – 47 State Circle #100, Annapolis

 Potato Valley Café

 47 State Cir #100, Annapolis, MD 21401, USA

 +1 410-267-0902

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5 thoughts on “Potato Valley Café – 47 State Circle #100, Annapolis

  1. Always delicious! Depending on the day the line is ridiculously long, but completely worth the wait! More veggie options that most other places in the area and absolutely perfect for lunch!! Also it’s in the more local vs touristy part of town, which is nice!

  2. Jasmine List says:

    I walked in and checked out the menu~ looked pretty great. The older gentleman at the register didn’t smile or greet us which i thought was pretty strange. But i asked for a potato with broccoli. In his deadpan voice he said “we don’t have broccoli here and pointed to the menu and said look at the menu”. So i took a second look and saw the broccoli & cheese potato. So they DO have broccoli. I asked if i could get a broccoli potato with no cheese and he said no. I had to order EXACTLY as the menu stated. Such a bummer. He shrugged his shoulders and literally walked away so i couldn’t even order anything else exactly as stated on the menu. Very bizarre behavior. So we left and I’d highly recommend you SKIP this place and enjoy the other places in Annapolis!

  3. Sue Toland says:

    Not been to the restaurant yet but met the owner today while standing in the grocery store line. She was a very sweet lady full of energy and kindness. She was in front of me, paid for her groceries and then as she was leaving told the cashier she was paying for mine. After going back and forth she kept insisting and gave the cashier cash towards my groceries. During our conversation she told me she owned a restaurant in Annapolis called the Potatoe Valley Cafe and invited me to come by. I can guarantee you I’ll be there to support her business. Thank you very very much. I feel extremely blessed to have met you❤️

  4. Colby Miller says:

    So happy to have found this place while visiting Annapolis! Not always easy to find decent vegan options but these guys definitely delivered on the Rustic Vegan potato entre. Check the hours though as they’re not open as much as I wish they were!

  5. Jessica Gilleland says:

    I’ve eaten at PV a few times while in town visiting family and it’s become a place that is a must do on my to list of things while we’re visiting. This most recent time I got the chicken bacon cheddar potato and it was delicious. Staff is friendly and even though it’s a small little restaurant, they have a great system of getting people through the line and on their way. We didnt wait hardly any time at all for our food and it was great as always. I will definitely be visiting again the next time we’re in town.

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