Sin Fronteras Café – 2129 Forest Drive, Annapolis

 Sin Fronteras Café

 2129 Forest Dr, Annapolis, MD 21401, USA

 +1 410-266-0013

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5 thoughts on “Sin Fronteras Café – 2129 Forest Drive, Annapolis

  1. One of the best places to eat in Annapolis – this place is not a secret anymore. Always great for standards and for branching out. They have generous margaritas; fried selections and chips are never greasy; and it feels like there’s always energy going into the ambiance of the place. Great mole.

    The location is not picturesque from the outside, but convenient by car and wheelchair accessible.

  2. Eric Frazier says:

    I stopped by Sin Fronteras for the first time today and found an unassuming exterior, but awesome food. I ordered the beef enchiladas with the mole and loved them. I rarely order mole because few places seem to make it well. However, the mole I had here was phenomenal; rich and smoky with just enough heat to keep things interesting. The beef was cut and seasoned well, though without a doubt the mole was the star of this dish. There were several dishes that looked interesting from the menu so I’ll undoubtedly be back to try them.

  3. Elise M says:

    Amazing food and great atmosphere. The owner comes around and checks in in guests ensuring everything is good, but every time we’ve come the food has been amazing so there’s never a complaint. They’re able to customize all dishes we’ve asked about on request and provide good recommendations. Cannot recommend this place highly enough!

  4. Emily Hartz says:

    We wound up sitting outside on the deck in perfect weather. Good margaritas, friendly staff, and the owner sent us a couple of rounds of shots. Food was good. It was also spicy. Be sure to tell them if you want things mild. The only reason that I didn’t give 5 stars is that this area of town is far from scenic, which makes a difference if you are sitting outside.

  5. Carla Poole says:

    It’s not bad for the Annapolis area; Annapolis is NOT known for much ethnic food options. I’ve had authentic Mexican food in Mexico, and this place doesn’t match up. Food quality is okay. There are plenty of other Mexican restaurants in the DMV area that are far better than here. Servers are nice but very inattentive. Menu items are overpriced for quality. Margaritas are also just okay. Location isn’t all that great either. I’d prefer to go somewhere else if I get a hankering for Mexican cuisine.

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