Soul – 509 South Cherry Grove Avenue, Annapolis


 509 S Cherry Grove Ave, Annapolis, MD 21401, USA

 +1 410-267-6191

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5 thoughts on “Soul – 509 South Cherry Grove Avenue, Annapolis

  1. We went after reading a nice review listing soul as one of the best in Annapolis. I’m sad to say that if this is the best Annapolis can offer we are truly doomed. We ordered the fried green tomatoes, cornbread, and a sweet potato Flatbread. The breading on the fried green tomatoes was crispy but the tomato within lacked flavor. I’m fact. Everything lacked flavor. The Flatbread was a sad cracker at best. The cornbread was fine however it was served with “pepper jam” I’m sorry but it was a soupy sauce and not spicy at all. The waitstaff was great and the place was trendy. The bathrooms were also lackluster if that’s how you judge a place too.

  2. Chris Macdonald says:

    Absolutely never let down here! Every time I’m here, the cocktails are magnificent, and the food is ultra consistently delicious! Keep up the great work guys! Hot Dixie chicken is a favorite 😉

  3. Kat Henry says:

    Highly recommended! The food was excellent and all of the dishes were very well thought out. Definitely try the brussel sprouts! Everyone was so friendly and the atmosphere was warm and welcoming. We will definitely be back!

  4. Carol Nida says:

    Nice atmosphere. Great waiters. This trip got mostly appetizers (tapas). Deviled eggs – excellent, Goat cheese balls coated in crispy meal with a sauce for dipping -yummy, and macaroni and cheese. Very good. Waiting for them to bring the salmon back to the menu.

  5. Ann Stinson says:

    We were in Annapolis for a week, and this was one of the 3 best places we ate. Wonderful choices on the menu, and a great staff that walks the very fine line between warm and friendly (but not TOO friendly) and professional, just perfectly. Golden Beet Tartare was to die for, and the argula salad was simple but excellent balance of flavors. Grits, collards, fish tacos: all excellent.

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