Breaking Bread – 771 Washington Boulevard, Baltimore

 Breaking Bread

 771 Washington Blvd, Baltimore, MD 21230, USA

 +1 443-708-1903

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5 thoughts on “Breaking Bread – 771 Washington Boulevard, Baltimore

  1. Ryan Whatley-Loveall says:

    This place is amazing. The entire staff is super friendly. I think I was greeted by everyone working by the time I left. The staff is great, but the food is *stellar*. I’ve never had better lamb, their “Awesome Fries” are really excellent. Basically pulled pork/chicken nachos but fries instead of chips. Super great. And their burgers taste really great, but the other stuff is so much better. Stick with stuff you won’t get at every other restaurant.

  2. Damien Reed says:

    This place is so great. Food is fantastic and the atmosphere is so comforting. I had the best carrot cake of my entire life here. Do yourself a favor and give this place a visit.

  3. Terunesh Demisse says:

    The vibe is so smooth! Small but beautiful design creates a nice feel. Neosoul playing in the background. Friendly staff.The food is upscale but comforting. A hidden gem.

  4. Matt S says:

    This restaurant has the feel and taste of home. My friends and I arrived on a Saturday night, ordered the awesome fries, the sticky wings, mac and cheese, and a turkey lamb burger.

    The awesome fries were indeed awesome, the sticky wings lived up to the hype, the mac and cheese had the perfect taste of home, and the burger was set over the top by home made pickles.

    The prices were reasonable and the service excellent. The timing of the meal was right, the awesome fries making their way to our table minutes after ordering, and the entree to follow. The entire experience took roughly an hour, but for food made in-house, I’d easily wait that again.

  5. CJ Wolfe says:

    “Great food. Not fast food.” That’s what they tell you but I really want to emphasize that Kim’s family owned and operated neighborhood restaurant is very much that: family operated. What it lacks in food Network style efficiency, it makes up for with the love and attention of a home cooked meal, served by a loving family member. If you need a quick bite before the game, get fast food. but if you have time, bring your friends and family, a bottle of wine, and spend some time with Kim and her family. Try the wings, turkey burger, Mac and cheese and the awesome fish basket.

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