Ekiben – 1622 Eastern Avenue, Baltimore


 1622 Eastern Ave, Baltimore, MD 21231, USA

 +1 410-558-1914


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5 thoughts on “Ekiben – 1622 Eastern Avenue, Baltimore

  1. Natalie L says:

    Ekiben is amazing. Asian fusion at its best. This started as a stall at the farmer’s market and now has a small shop with great service by young, hip chefs with funky music in the background. Spicy, tasty, fresh buns, rice bowls and appetizers in a tiny, Asian subway art themed spot. The Neighborhood Bird is my favorite sandwich in Baltimore!! There are barely any seats and no beers so it’s best for a quick bite or take it to go and walk down to the water.

  2. Sonal Chaudhari says:

    THE FOOD IS AMAZING! My go-to menu item here is the Neighborhood Bird on rice (spicy) and it has never disappointed me. The amount of food they give here can last me at least two meals! The chicken is perfectly crispy and the sauce as well as fermented veggies that come with the dish are delicious!!! There are some standing tables and limited seating indoors, but I’d eat this at any time of the day and even as to-go. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

  3. Cameron Knight says:

    Ekiben is a flavor experience unlike any other and they work hard for and deserve ALL of the praise. Delicious fried chicken (and other dishes but let’s be real about THAT BIRD), quick & nice service in a super cool small environment (music, seating, bathroom comic cutouts). Must go for a local, a tourist, a friend in town, a date, a lunch, a breakfast during farmer’s markets. Here’s the mouthwatering pic…

  4. Abhishek Shah says:

    One of my favorite restaurants! The food is so delicious and the interactions with the staff are top notch!!! Love this place. Also it’s a fantastic place to get a quick bite.

  5. Tim Faass says:

    The chicken sandwich was one of my top ten sandwiches I have ever had. The steamed bun hugged the insides like your grandmothers embrace. The chicken was cooked to perfection and was impossibly juicy. I go the mild sauce and it was absolute perfection. The atmosphere and service were also great.

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