Samos Restaurant – 600 Oldham Street, Baltimore

 Samos Restaurant

 600 Oldham St, Baltimore, MD 21224, USA

 +1 410-675-5292

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5 thoughts on “Samos Restaurant – 600 Oldham Street, Baltimore

  1. Nikolaos Evangelopoulos says:

    Fantastic atmosphere with delicious food. Prices were fair. If you are getting pork ask for well done as some of mine was raw. Im not saying it happens every time or to everyone, but I would just let them know just to be on the safe side. Great place! NOTE: Cash only. Bring It with you or use ATM.

  2. Max Green says:

    My neighborhood Greek restaurant, which happens to be the most famous one in Baltimore. Cash only, though they do have an ATM. Almost every staff member is a local and many of the waitresses have been there for years (read: decades). This means you’re getting consistent and good service, with a Baltimore disposition ;). I like their sandwiches and soups the most, but their seafood and traditional Greek dishes are also delicious. Definitely a good choice in Southeast, but it gets very packed on Fridays, so plan ahead.

  3. Chris Prescimone says:

    This place is phenomenal. They been around for decades and nothing has changed. I always get a gyro and I’ve never been disappointed.

    One downside…bring cash as they don’t accept credit cards. However, they have an ATM machine.

  4. Susan Schlomann says:

    I had heard a lot of good about Samos from MD friends and family, but it didn’t live up to the raves. The word at our table was that it had gone downhill. I’m used to Damascus Bakery on Atlantic Ave in Bklyn, Dametra Cafe in Carmel, and great little Greek restaurants on Long Island, all with that wonderful, fresh, best-ever pita. This was grilled pita wedges that I guess was old. None of us felt like finishing his meal. My special Greek salad with chicken had not one black olive, I didn’t ask/don’t know why not.

  5. John Gasparine says:

    I don’t know I how I lived in Baltimore so long and didn’t come here! Amazing food. Everything homemade!

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