The Food Market – 1017 W 36th St, Baltimore

 The Food Market

 1017 W 36th St, Baltimore, MD 21211, USA

 +1 410-366-0606

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5 thoughts on “The Food Market – 1017 W 36th St, Baltimore

  1. Jacquelyn Case says:

    I’ve been for both dinner and brunch and the food has been fantastic for both. For dinner we tried the buffalo pickles, bringing, and the scallops. The bronzino was a little too salty, but everything else was great. For brunch we tried the market iced coffee, poinsettia, French toast dippers, chicken and biscuits, and the short rib Benedict’s. Everything at brunch was fantastic and the extremely affordable! The poinsettia was made in a pint glass and was definitely not lacking alcohol. The French toast dippers came with a maple cream cheese dip that was great. The short rib Benedict had a great glaze of the short rib, but I felt like you had to break the components of the down to be able to eat all of the components in one bite. The chicken and waffles were the best that I’ve ever had and the cheesy potato casserole with it was stunning. My only complaint is that the restaurant itself gets too loud

  2. Mega-Bruin says:

    My bf took me here for my birthday dinner and it was amazing. I loved the different styles on the menu. It was a nice classy spot with elegant food dishes. Everything tasted delicious. The service was awesome and the atmosphere were just right. Next time we are in the area we are definitely going back!

  3. Amy Funk says:

    Very fun! The food was amazing! We loved the choices of Little, Small, Medium, Big, and In-between. The cream of crab soup was outstanding. Buffalo pickles were sliced fried pickles with a hot sauce served on a cool creamy dressing. A distinct and delicious appetizer. Even on a busy night-every table was full by 7pm-we got a special treat to celebrate my birthday. It was a housemade chocolate mousse dirt cake. The waiter brought 4 spoons even without our asking for them. It was a delightful dining experience!

  4. Floyd Godsey says:

    The Food Market is a real gem. The restaurant’s atmosphere is modern and energetic. The food is excellent. Each member of my party stated that their meals were exceptionally delicious.

    The restaurant’s decor is artistically pleasing, with modern dining chairs that are functional but not comfortable.

    My meal consisted of; appetizer, peppered tuna, main course, duck pieces, and dessert, a scrumptious bread pudding. Each dish was a culinary delight. The tuna was very succulent, tender and fresh. The duck pieces were prepared two ways; a quarter portion was fried (crispy, moist and tender) and several breast pieces were lightly roasted to perfection.

    There were only two single occupancy (one male and one female) restrooms in the area that my party was sitting. So, people were waiting to use the restroom. Even with the heavy traffic; the restroom was clean and well maintained.

    The restaurant provides free valet parking, just pull up to the front door and the attendant will happily park your car.

  5. James Walsh says:

    This used to be one of my favorite restaurants in town. But, while still good, the quality has definitely gone down.
    The service is still great, but the food is not. For instance, the brown sugar pork belly used to be multiple small portions, with the fat rendered down, and a delicious crust. Now it’s one big hunk, that is at least half fat. Ick.
    We’ll be giving it a time-out, and hope this kitchen can recover.

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