Tio Pepe – 10 East Franklin Street, Baltimore

 Tio Pepe

 10 E Franklin St, Baltimore, MD 21202, USA

 +1 410-539-4675


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4 thoughts on “Tio Pepe – 10 East Franklin Street, Baltimore

  1. Vivian Feen says:

    I love this place! It has been a while but so glad to get back. I ordered the gazpacho, shared Tio Pepe salad and had the seafood combo as my entree. Lots of food. In fact, I had to take some of that home with me. I don’t mind paying a little extra for food that is absolutely delicious. So worth it

  2. Kathy Castillo says:

    This is our family’s favorite special occasion restaurant. Sangria will put you under the table and everything I’ve had over more than 30 years has been wonderful except for raw oysters once which were muddy and had shell pieces. Pretty good for over a hundred visits.
    I do miss the dress code though. Special occasions aren’t very special when some people look like slobs.
    We’ll be there for Mother’s Day again-can’t wait!

  3. Felicity Rosell-Missler says:

    Wonderful sangria, food and service. Great place to bring out of town guests. We had house guests from Norway who really enjoyed themselves.

  4. Stuart Ray says:

    Great fish (fresh, perfectly cooked, big portions, nice sauces), excellent service, great place for a small business dinner. Save room for dessert!

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