Grotto Pizza – 7075 Minstrel Way, Columbia

 Grotto Pizza

 7075 Minstrel Way, Columbia, MD 21046, USA

 +1 443-583-8200

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5 thoughts on “Grotto Pizza – 7075 Minstrel Way, Columbia

  1. I am surprised why this place has a 4 stars rating while it deserves more.
    I heard about this place from a friend of mine who was literally flirting with their pizzas and he spent some time trying to describe the taste of the cheese pizza he ordered couple of days ago, so he kinda made me feel that i need to try it.
    And today I went there at lunch and ordered 2 slices one was a cheese and the other one had chicken and mushroom & both were simply legendary & very rich in taste.
    The size of the slice is normal and the price wasn’t expensive.
    The place looks great with multiple screens all over the place so i am definitely visiting again to watch the games and enjoy the bar.
    The service was amazing, Brian who helped me with my order and he was very friendly and helpful.
    I really loved the place

  2. Kleber Monázio Sousa says:

    The food was good, but the waitress who served us was moody at first contact so so after that… anyhow, the price is reasonable… U and your family would have a good time there.

  3. J. Barry Colton says:

    Best pizza on the planet!

    Glad they have moved into our area.

    I’ve been known to drive 3 hours each way to bring one home for a special occasion.

    …and the staff couldn’t have taken care of us better.

  4. Amara says:

    I ordered pizza and ice cream with my mom at this place.

    When I first saw the ice cream, it looked so unsatisfying. It looks like a bunch of meatloaves chopped up in big pieces. It looked like something I did not want to eat. I ordered the birthday cake ice cream. The big fat chocolate pieces in the ice cream ruined the taste and enjoyment. I couldn’t even taste the birthday cake flavor. All I could taste was big fat chocolate chunks. I see what they were trying to do with the birthday cake ice cream, but it was not working AT ALL. Plus, all the ice creams tasted so fake and artificial, even my mom could tell. It was so obvious.

    The pizza was okay; nothing special about it. It’s not the worst pizza in the world. I don’t know why Delaware has voted Grotto Pizza as thier best pizza place in thier state.

    The ONLY good thing about this place is that the staff are so kind and helpful.

    Overall, Grotto Pizza is okay. I don’t hate this pizza place, there is just nothing special about it.

  5. Quiret Suhail says:

    I’ve always had a good experience here. Came here with kids once and the staff was so sweet they gave free gelato after watching us struggle with all the kids. Food is always good and it’s pretty quiet. they also have an additional private room for parties, and they provide a decent kids menu.

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