Pub Dog Pizza & Drafthouse – 8865 Stanford Boulevard #101, Columbia

 Pub Dog Pizza & Drafthouse

 8865 Stanford Blvd #101, Columbia, MD 21045, USA

 +1 410-872-0364

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5 thoughts on “Pub Dog Pizza & Drafthouse – 8865 Stanford Boulevard #101, Columbia

  1. Love the atmosphere And good vibes! Friendly waitresses, helpful staff. The bouncer was cool, his name was Matt and he’s the man!! I would recommend this place to anybody who likes to have a good time. Especially for happy hour

  2. Chris Potts says:

    Pub dog has great pizza, and cheap beer. Be careful if you’re allergic to dogs!

    The patio is dog friendly and quite lovely during a summer day. I often enjoy their thirsty ale!

    Events every night including trivia and a live DJ. Pretty cool crowd for the young adults.

  3. Vasili P. says:

    Full disclaimer: I did not try any of their beers. I’m not much of a drinker. I did eat some of their pizza and was surprised at how good it was. The atmosphere of the place is friendly and the customer service was great. This is a great location to meet your coworkers for a few drinks and some tasty pizza.

  4. A Ace says:

    The bartenders here are some of my favorite in the area, they are all extremely personable, and the ladies are gorgeous, which never hurts. The pizza here hits the spot with a kitchen that’s open as late or later than anywhere else in the area, and they have their own brand of beer that’s both tasty and affordable with ample flavors of brew to choose from, they have games and an enclosed smoking area. To top it all off they give out free shots of grand mariner to good tippers, and for those of you who don’t know that means you tip my ladies at least 25%.

  5. Kenneth King says:

    Awesome type of restaurant/bar. They give you two 8 ounce glasses for all your beers and the pizza is great. Love the dog theme and you can bring your dogs to the patio as well. Would recommend this place for when you want to think outside the box for a fun new place. All pizzas are personal size, and you can get a smash dog pizza which is 2 pizzas combined like a giant pizza sandwich.

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