The Ale House Columbia – 6480 Dobbin Center Way, Columbia

 The Ale House Columbia

 6480 Dobbin Center Way, Columbia, MD 21045, USA

 +1 443-546-3640

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5 thoughts on “The Ale House Columbia – 6480 Dobbin Center Way, Columbia

  1. Where to start…. went out last night 6/9/18 to this establishment with a party of 24. We booked reservations a week in advance so they SHOULD have been prepared right? Wrong! We get there and the carpet is so sticky that my shoes nearly came off every time I moved around. Then we only have 1 server, Marissa, which she did a great job with our drinks and orders nothing was incorrect. That is the only positive. Then when our food arrives only half of the table receives their food. We had 2 choices, either be rude and eat our food while the others waited another 5-10 minutes or wait and have our food cold.
    Any decent establishment would have all the food come out at once, I worked at a restaurant for years so I know it’s fully capable of being done with either the proper cooks or manager.
    I’m not even going to go into portion size… what… a… joke… again our server Marissa was the ONLY good thing about that experience. They lost out on return customers…

  2. Richard Kemp says:

    Nice place. Good variety of food. Glad to see a brunch menu. I’m not a sports fan so I was disappointed that the entire restaurant was taken up by fans of soccer. It was loud and crowded at 11 am.

    Fortunately I still didn’t have to wait and was seated outside where it was dry weather for most of our time. It was still noisy as loud speakers were being used to broadcast the soccer match to the outside bar. Regardless of the crowd, service was still right on target …we never had to wait longer than expected nor was the staff frazzled. I ordered a beer flight w a variety of house micros. Terrific beer. Overall very good. It would have been nice if there were a space w out the soccer and noise but I was the odd fish with out expectation to fulfill my every wish.

  3. Drea Yo says:

    We were very impressed by this place! We wanted a brunch close by our area that offered bottomless mimosas. I ordered french toast hubby had chicken and waffles. The waffles were the best light and fluffy!!! Husband thinks this is one of the best chicken and waffles he has had. The service was good food was great! This may be our new brunch spot!

  4. Raymond R. says:

    There are so many good things to say about this place…
    If you like Bloody Maries the Sunday brunch is a must do event. They offer bottomless or singles. There is a Bloody Mary station with many items to create your own perfect drink.
    I have done a birthday brunch there before with a large amount of guests and they set up a special section with our own buffet. It was truly special!
    The food there is great, the service is very personable and competent. Their beer menu is rich with choices. Their outdoor patio offers one of the best dog friendly choices for this area.
    Call ahead to check wait times, it can get very busy, but the bar usually has available seating either way.

  5. Kevin R Strauss says:

    I’m a fan of The Ale House of Columbia and their burgers. Of course, they have tons of great beers and many TVs showing all kinds of sporting events. Their outdoor seating is wonderful and parking is usually pretty easy. It can get pretty noisy inside and there are also some small parties happening but that lends to a nice, up-beat atmosphere. Don’t go if you’re looking for a quiet, intimate meal.

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