Union Jack’s Columbia – 10400 Little Patuxent Parkway, Columbia

 Union Jack’s Columbia

 10400 Little Patuxent Pkwy, Columbia, MD 21044, USA

 +1 410-740-5225


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5 thoughts on “Union Jack’s Columbia – 10400 Little Patuxent Parkway, Columbia

  1. Where do I begin!!? The waitress would seem as if she was avoiding us half the time. She would go to other tables that weren’t eating anything than come to our table. Had ask for the dessert menu twice which put us off in getting anything and just wanting to leave. So of course I wouldn’t want to leave a tip which we are pretty good tippers depending on the service. Our first time here, it was a horrible experience and will not come back. Most likely it got the good reviews from drinkers. I’m sure it had a good selection as I’m not a drinker. After we got our check, the waitress didn’t come around to pick it up , so long my husband went to the restroom and came back …. No waitress. Shame.. ful..

  2. Sukh T says:

    For a few moments I felt as if I was back in a London pub! Union Jack’s is a super cool pub with awesome food! The bartenders and servers are very hospitable. It’s definitely the place to go before or after Merriweather concerts/shows!

  3. James Reason says:

    I would have rated 5 but we could not get the server’s attention until 7:05; happy hour ended at 7:00. The server appeared to be busy while a friend of mine was trying to get her attention. She did give us the happy hour price for the food but we had to explain why we thought we should get the happy hour price. I would have rated 4.5 if it was possible .

  4. Daniel P. says:

    Been going to Union jack for a while and just had a staff party there. First off who has a staff party at a bar? As odd as it was, the whole experience was just ok. We made a party reservation for 24 at 6:00. Roll in on time and they said they don’t have a reservation even though we have email confirmation. They accommodate and set up tables quickly. The menu is very small and simple. We order food and took quite some time for it to come out ( nearly an hour with someone waiting two hours because her food was forgotten). Food was not great nor poor. It’s bar food and I didn’t expect much.

    I ordered a NY strip medium rare and came out well done. I didn’t bother to waste time complaining because the food may have taken another thirty minutes to come out. Was too hungry for that…. Loaded mash had too much bacon which made it too seasoned for my taste. Grilled veggies were a nice blend.

    The DJ comes in around 10pm during weekends. So if your looking to eat and then turn up, this is a solid place for that.

  5. Emily De Kouadio says:

    Hey guys it’s your girl Em checking in…Union Jacks is the absolute BEST!!! I went there with my new rap group called the The Fireballs and we had the lemon with water. It was flourished with the crispiest ice, organic lemons that were grown on a beer farm in west palm beach, and the freshest Fiji water one could experience. Unfortunately there was a STRAW that was placed in my cup so 5 stars was not possible. I recommend that you all get paper straws.


    Fireballs Out!

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