Bondoori Wings – 8765 Centre Park Drive ste 12B, Columbia

 Bondoori Wings

 8765 Centre Park Dr ste 12B, Columbia, MD 21045, USA

 +1 410-964-2339

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5 thoughts on “Bondoori Wings – 8765 Centre Park Drive ste 12B, Columbia

  1. Wings were really fresh and crispy. The soy garlic sauce was especially good, and the owner was very nice. The mango habanero sauce was tasty but could have been spicier.

  2. Danielle M says:

    We had takeout. The flavors of the wings were great and there was lots of meats. The food was a bit cold when we got it home (6 minute drive in 97 degree weather), so I’m sure it would’ve been better fresh. We ordered 3 types of wings with different sauces and all 30 wings were in the same container which makes no sense because the sauces mixed. Curly fries were great.

  3. Athira Narayan says:

    Owner was super nice and gave us different types of sauces to try before we made a purchase. We loved the food here. Definitely try the veggie chicken nuggets!

  4. Noah Quay says:

    Outstanding wings! Perfectly crispy outside with juicy meat. The trifecta sauce is just right balance of spicy/sweet/savory.

  5. D G says:

    My family & I went there for the first time under the assumption that we were going to be dining in. There was only a table setup that seated 5-6 people but it could be split to 2 tables if needed. I suppose this is more so a takeout place. While I was walking around, I noticed my shoes felt like it was being suctioned to the floor & it sounded like pulling Velcro off every time I took a step. We said ok, let’s just hope that the food makes up for the dissatisfaction so far. There was someone else ordering food & we overheard the 1 guy telling the person that they were out of wings & a bunch of sauces that we wanted to try. Well, then what’s the point of us sticking around to order things that we didn’t want? Needles to say, we left. Maybe because it was a Sunday they just ran outta food. I dunno but I’m probably not gonna go there again. Good luck to them.

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