CAVA – 6181 Old Dobbin Lane, Columbia


 6181 Old Dobbin Ln, Columbia, MD 21045, USA

 +1 443-283-3400

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5 thoughts on “CAVA – 6181 Old Dobbin Lane, Columbia

  1. Anthony Scolaro says:

    Pretty decent. Imagine chipotle style layout, but with Mediterranean food. Better spicy options, more vegetables available. Lots of meat options available. Used to be able to get double meat without them charging for it, still good even though they do charge for it now.

  2. Tony Horvath says:

    Food is often hit and sometimes miss here. When it’s good, it’s REALLY good, but other times the food has been cold and sitting for a while. I’ve had the best results coming at lunch time. Otherwise, food quality is good and the service is outstanding.
    Keep it up CAVA, just make sure the food doesn’t sit on the line for too long and you’ll replace Chipotle for me.

  3. Rachel Wilcox says:

    Amazing & delicious! Menu lists all food options and the allergies, diets, etc that are safe. It was a relief and pleasure to know being gluten free was so easy & delicious there. Will be back frequently!

  4. Alyssa Galaro says:

    Cava has great fast casual Mediterranean food. You get to choose unlimited toppings which is an A+. The flavors were great and I think the portion size was good as well, although my husband was still a bit hungry after finishing a bowl. It reminds me a lot of Nalley Fresh with a Mediterranean twist.

  5. Vishal Sharma says:

    A good food place to try Mediterranean food. I went with my family and my sister’s family. It was almost closing time, but customer service reps were happy to provide us dine-in which we enjoyed even more as it was rainy day and food was hot enough.
    We ordered chicken and falafel bowls with all options in.
    Even my kids enjoyed the moderate spicey food which was a bonus for us.
    It’s a good place to visit and try once.

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