Starbucks – 7351 Assateague Drive #90, Jessup


 7351 Assateague Dr #90, Jessup, MD 20794, USA

 +1 443-755-8726

(5 reviews)

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5 thoughts on “Starbucks – 7351 Assateague Drive #90, Jessup

  1. It’s a typical Starbucks. Nota big fan of their coffee but the person I was with likes it. Baristas are pleasant.

  2. Matthew Hescock says:

    Order time was long due to cashiers walking away but drinks came out in a somewhat timely manner

  3. Fatima Rufai says:

    I don’t usually write reviews but I just left this Starbucks on my way to NY & felt the need to commend Obie for his fatastic costumer service!

  4. Lawrence Tan says:

    Good coffee.

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  5. ChiSoul10 says:

    While the staff is helpful and nice, they cannot seem to get any of my orders right. I came in and ordered a Venti Chia Tea Latte. 20 min later riding down the road I taste my drink and it is not a chai tea latte. It is straight coffee. So I turn around and go back, stand in line and tell them and they make me another. Fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me, so I tasted my second drink before I left. It’s a chai tea latte… Made with half milk and half water so the foam is not foam… it’s froth. Milk and water do not mix well in lattes. At this point I’ve wasted over 40+ minutes of my time

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