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The Daily Dish is a marvelous little casual society restaurant in the Silver Spring area of Washington DC. One of the things that they do a good deal here is they try to do a regional parts and so on, in fact, this is a cocktail.So they’re trying to stay regional with all the ingredients that’s why it’s The Daily Dish because whatever’s daily available. So they capture local parts. – Regional ingredients and, in fact, the delightful situation about the soft shell crab is you get to eat the whole crab. Maryland is where a good deal of the fisherman are based so a lot of eateries and a lot of cooks, a lot of farmers are now working. that’s soft shell crabs which the Chesapeake Bay is known for its crabs. The course that Chef Jerry does them is he slightly slogs them in seasoned flour. Wow it’s got a little bit of Old Bay Seasoning in there and then they finish off in a fireside oven. It affords it a delightful crispiness and a neat, even doneness on the inside. Then he’s got some roasted potatoes on this and the asparagus.They make their own coleslaw with rice wine-colored vinegar and it’s got a little sour ointment in there as well, so it’s a really nice spice to it, neat composition. He’s got a remoulade sauce, awfully classical, but instead of capers he’s using marinades in it. It’s great when the menu is just simple and that’s what offsets these saucers so beautiful it’s just nice and simple, very comfortable and that’s why they won the Rammy award a couple years ago for the best brunch in the DC Metro area.

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