Kome Sushi – 7106 Minstrel Way #3, Columbia

 Kome Sushi

 7106 Minstrel Way #3, Columbia, MD 21045, USA

 +1 443-583-7805


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5 thoughts on “Kome Sushi – 7106 Minstrel Way #3, Columbia

  1. Wesley Vaca says:

    Easily the best sushi I’ve ever had. I usually get sushi wherever I go and this is usually the measuring stick for them. The consistency and freshness of the ingredients is top notch and the taste is delicious. One of the only places I’ve been to where the sushi doesn’t fall apart after the first bite. Never been disappointed with their sushi.

  2. R. Burns says:

    Place is clean and ambiance is nice. Service is good and food is tasty. The price is a little higher but I liked that it wasn’t too crowded for a holiday (Father’s Day).

  3. Kuro Shishi says:

    While it gives off the vibe of one of those hole in the wall spots that’s secretly amazing, the reality is, it’s just a hole in the wall. The sushi is only ok, or maybe better stated, “meh”. The decor is unremarkable. The service is lackluster, and the whole overall experience was memorable only for being so grey and one dimensional. If you’re already in the area, you might as well drive the extra minute and a half to visit Sushi King on Dobbin Rd.

  4. Conker2009 says:

    THIS PLACE IS AMAZING. Even if you don’t like seafood this place has amazing alternatives and is the best. 10/10 I would highly recommend coming here. I cannot say enough how amazing it was. Been here twice now and it’s among my favorites.

  5. Daniel Shearer says:

    I love this place! Really well priced lunch specials, staff was fast and friendly.

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