BonChon Chicken – 3419 Plumtree Drive #102, Ellicott City

 BonChon Chicken

 3419 Plumtree Dr #102, Ellicott City, MD 21042, USA

 +1 410-465-0515

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Korean Restaurant

5 thoughts on “BonChon Chicken – 3419 Plumtree Drive #102, Ellicott City

  1. This location is great, the food is always consistent and delicious. This is by far one of the better location in the state. Waiters have always been nice and friendly. Making me feel welcome and comfortable. The menu is user friendly, not crammed with stuff so very easy on the eyes and easy to make a decision. The only downside to this location is the selection of non-alcoholic drinks and seating can be tough to get. So be prepared to wait for a seat. Overall highly recommend this location.

  2. Brian Wallace says:

    Although this seems to be a small chain, it doesn’t feel like one. The bbq style seating and projector large screen TV are of little to no consequence. This place is all about the food and shared experience with your friends. There’s always a warm buzz inside. Lot’s of great Korean dishes, all cooked very well. But let’s not dilly dally here…. this place is all about the WINGS! If you don’t leave in a double fried, heavy battered comatose state… you’re doing it wrong.

    To owner: Yes.. you can share this review. (had to add this because there’s no way for me to reply to you)

  3. Josh Simmons says:

    Best fried chicken ever. Always moist and full of flavor!!! Only reason I gave 4 stars is because it takes a while for the food to come out, but I guess you can’t rush perfection…

  4. steve rudis says:

    F you like your chicken with a crispy coating this is the place. However there is something strange about the the coating it is almost like a balloon around the meat. Do not get me wrong I really like the flavor and texture. I will receive mend and return. Staff was very friendly.

  5. Andrew Peterson says:

    The chicken wings were great. They were cooked well. I don’t think I can go to places like buffalo wild wings again without being disappointed in the wings. The fries were also good. They gave us two free orders of them by mistake. The service does take a little longer, so make sure you don’t go during a work lunch break.

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