K-Manna Rice Factory – 1668 Annapolis Road, Odenton

 K-Manna Rice Factory

 1668 Annapolis Rd, Odenton, MD 21113, USA

 +1 410-674-5350


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Korean Restaurant

5 thoughts on “K-Manna Rice Factory – 1668 Annapolis Road, Odenton

  1. We tried this place for the first time recently and will definitely be going back. I had the beef bulgogi box and my husband had the short ribs, both were excellent. I was surprised by the amount and quality of the sides with each meal. We got two orders of the fried dumplings as well since we were so excited they were beef and not pork (my husband does not eat pork). Nothing was very spicy which was good for me but you might need to ask to make something spicy if that’s what you like. With the fast service and good food we will definitely be back!

  2. Tyler Waters says:

    This place is definitely one of my new favorite places to eat. The food is fantastic. The meat is tender, the vegetables are crisp, and the rice is cooked perfectly. The service was fast and they were very polite. I also loved the atmosphere. It’s very relaxed and cool.

  3. Kris Webber says:

    Excellent Korean “fast food.” Extremely quick. Tasty!

  4. Medaney Roberson says:

    This place use to be a great deal. The portion sizes have gotten smaller, and you get way less meat for the price. The flavor is still great. I like the ramen soup, great broth. We need more everything for those entree prices.

  5. Andy Ghimire says:

    Decor = 9/10, food = 8/10, Presentation = 9/10, location = 6/10., Positive vibe = 8/10, customer service = 8/10.

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