WooRi Jib – 10039 Baltimore National Pike, Ellicott City

 WooRi Jib

 10039 Baltimore National Pike, Ellicott City, MD 21042, USA

 +1 410-203-1400


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Korean Restaurant

5 thoughts on “WooRi Jib – 10039 Baltimore National Pike, Ellicott City

  1. This is a newly opened restaurant next to Spartan (a mixed martial arts school) and shares the same parking lot with secu credit union. The restaurant is small but filled with Korean people. It was recommended to me by a Korean lady. The food is clean and authentic. The price is reasonable, and the servers are friendly. It’s now one of our favorite restaurants.

  2. Grace Joyner says:

    Had black noodles and sweet sour pork. They were very good! It was very busy, only two waitress working . I will definitely go back.

  3. Mechedjun 84 says:

    Overall solid Korean restaurant. The staff is friendly, the restaurant has a nice cozy environment, and the prices are fairly reasonable. This particular restaurant is especially good at 냉면 (Nang Meun; Korean Cold Noodle Soup). I’ve tried all of their 냉면 variations and they were all fantastic! This restaurant quickly became my go-to for this delicious dish.

    However, there are some issues that I’ve found. The menu is set up to compete with other Korean restaurants nearby. By that I mean, the restaurant offers all of same dishes that you would find at all the other Korean restaurants, which doesn’t help separate or differentiate this restaurant from all the other ones. The worst of it is that all the other dishes are not that great. Most of other dishes are extremely sweet (especially their meat dishes) and I found myself going elsewhere. I personally think they should to consider offering dishes that no one else makes, and/or specialize in the one dish that they seem to be great at.

    Another (albeit a minor issue) is the parking. The restaurant is located in the rear section of the shopping center. This section has a small parking lot that is shared with other businesses, including a bank. So when you come here, be prepare to park a bit out of the way and walk around.

  4. B.Scott Wxby says:

    We eat here every other week and think that it is the best Korean restaurant around; and we’ve tried them all. You won’t be disappointed but it is popular, so be watchful of their busy late hours and holidays.

  5. Sue g says:

    Food is mediocore, overpriced, stingy on side dishes, and bad service. There are many great restraunts around this area. If you want your moneys worth, would strongly recommend other places.

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