Yetnal Asian Food Service House – 10194 Baltimore National Pike, Ellicott City

 Yetnal Asian Food Service House

 10194 Baltimore National Pike, Ellicott City, MD 21042, USA

 +1 410-465-0040

(5 reviews)


Korean Restaurant

5 thoughts on “Yetnal Asian Food Service House – 10194 Baltimore National Pike, Ellicott City

  1. Seafood noodle soup was very tasty, large portion, noodles of good texture and flavorful but not overly salty broth. We went late, about midnight, and the server was helpful to me in picking out my food as I am not a Korean food expert. Nice atmosphere, quiet, lots of wood; I would totally go back.

  2. Chris G says:

    three different soup, Sulung tang, yukge jang and duk mandu guk we tried were excellent especially in a chilly day.

  3. Mechedjun 84 says:

    Wow.. how the “Mighty” have fallen. I have been a patron at this restaurant since the day it opened (literally). I’ve eaten at this restaurant at all hours (morning and night) throughout the years. This place initially made it’s name by hitting all the right cords, great tasting food, solid menu, friendly staff, inviting environment and interior, all at a low price. They even offered good rice cakes and side dishes to boot. I understand that as you get more established, so does your overhead. So I fully expected the prices to rise over the years. What I didn’t expect was the decline in food quality and service. This happened rather rapidly, during the years that they had (sort of) a monopoly on Korean food in the area (there really wasn’t a lot of alternatives at the time). Now, the staff is very unfriendly, food isn’t great (Not terrible but certainly doesn’t justify the new price), and overall the experience isn’t a good one. The area has had a somewhat of a boom with Korean restaurants. I highly recommend venturing elsewhere. It’ll very much be worth your while.

  4. Swan says:

    Really good comfort Korean food. I had oxtail soup, clam and tofu, bibimbap and octopus. All were really good. My favorite go-to for Korean in the Maryland-dc area. I know there are some good Korean restaurants in
    Annandale but for the price and quality, you cannot beat this gem. I see a lot of complaints about service. Folks get used to it. This is how most Asian restaurants operate. A lot of the servers don’t speak English. And besides it’s a cultural thing. Just accept that and you will enjoy your experience so much more…

  5. Jenny says:

    A great hidden gem, the food is delicious and authentic

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