Mad City Coffee – 10801 Hickory Ridge Road #101, Columbia

 Mad City Coffee

 10801 Hickory Ridge Rd #101, Columbia, MD 21044, USA

 +1 410-964-8671

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5 thoughts on “Mad City Coffee – 10801 Hickory Ridge Road #101, Columbia

  1. I came to Mad City a few years ago, never having been much of a tea drinker and not a coffee drinker at all. My friend suggested that I drink some peppermint tea along with chamomile to help settle my stomach since I have a menagerie of dietary restrictions. Mad City gave me the confidence to enjoy teas as I had not for some reason prior to. The shop is quaint and comfy but could probably use more couches or soft chairs rather than the matching stick chairs they have now. Also a good many of the tables aren’t even so you have to find a sturdy one for your laptop or bunch up some napkins to even things out. Just nitpicking. Sometimes the little details matter the most to some folks. Overall, a great litte shop for some warm or cold beverages.

  2. Kristine Amari says:

    Awesome coffee! It was hard to make a choice with all the great options. They also have several really good loose leaf teas. The food options are good as well, some energy bars I hadnt seen before, bagels, sandwiches and salads, as well as muffins and pastries. The people are very knowledgeable and friendly, as well as efficient. The exterior is a bit underwhelming but inside it has a lot of character and a great atmosphere. I’m planning my next visit.

  3. Liam Cusack says:

    Trying to open a cool coffee shop is the dream of many and the accomplishment of few. Mad City Coffee has earned its place among that rare few. It is hipster friendly without being obnoxiously hip, and they put real efforts into quality drinks. Despite the reputation of coffee shops being filled with people tapping away on laptops, working on their novels, sneering at the “suits” who “can’t appreciate good coffee”, Mad City is usually pretty empty, barring one or two tables with a group of people chatting. This makes it a perfect place to work on my novel and sneer at suits. I jest, mostly, but it’s seriously a great place. It’s probably for the best that I don’t work near enough to make it a reasonable trip, or I would be broke.

    When my daughter was born at the hospital nearby and I was too delirious to drive, I walked to Mad City and a big iced tea restored my sanity. That’s the other nice thing; they don’t take part in the tea vs coffee wars, their tea selection is just as impressive as their coffee selection

  4. andrew heiliger says:

    Great food and service. I’ll definitely be back. Coffee cake and cappuccino were fantastic.

  5. Romeo Morales says:

    Friendly/Welcoming staff regardless of day of the week. Great selection of coffee beans with nice variety of house brews. Interior is a very relaxed setting.

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