Nalley Fresh – 6455 Dobbin Road #45, Columbia

 Nalley Fresh

 6455 Dobbin Rd #45, Columbia, MD 21045, USA

 +1 240-512-0212

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5 thoughts on “Nalley Fresh – 6455 Dobbin Road #45, Columbia

  1. James Ferry says:

    Nalley Fresh is one of my favorite places to grab lunch. The sweet potato bowl is great. I prefer to “make my own”, which means I don’t have it exactly the way it’s listed on the menu. You go down the line and decide which items you want to include in your bowl. Along with all the normal ingredients I like to add strawberries. A nice little added sweetness.

  2. Chanel Wayman says:

    This is definitely one of the better locations. The ingredients were so fresh and looked delightful. My salad was perfectly made and the grilled chicken was delicious. I also loved the fresh natural tea options.

  3. Jasmine Simmons says:

    Great customer service. I really like this location. Food is so good! I Usually make my own salad or get the Cajun rice bowl.

  4. Kathi Onthenet says:

    I love the super healthy choices they have for wraps, salads and bowls. It’s great that you can customize everything so even the pickiest eaters will be happy. I’m hoping that more locations will open throughout the area soon.

  5. Mike Blasi says:

    Large selection of fresh ingredients including veggies, fruits, nuts, and cheeses to customize a salad to ones desire. Salmon, avocado, and egg are all extra cost, but otherwise a deliciously healthy satisfying meal.

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