Pei Wei – 6478 Dobbin Center Way A, Columbia

 Pei Wei

 6478 Dobbin Center Way A, Columbia, MD 21045, USA

 +1 410-423-2550

(5 reviews)


Korean Restaurant

4 thoughts on “Pei Wei – 6478 Dobbin Center Way A, Columbia

  1. I got chicken fried rice to go, and I asked for it spicy. Adding a bunch of Bell peppers does not make something spicy, it just makes it taste like Bell peppers. Threw most of it away.
    My wife ordered chicken lettuce wraps with extra sauce, to go. When we got home we discovered they had not given us any rice noodles that normally garnish this dish.
    We will eat they again, but beware of you plan on getting it to go.

  2. Michael Oberman says:

    Very good and reasonably priced Asian dishes. You order and pay in advance at the cash register and a server brings the food to you at a table. The chicken teriyaki bowl is very good.

  3. Kara Haviland says:

    I placed an online order tonight. I got my food, I did a quick check for how many things I should have but didn’t open every single thing, which I shouldn’t have to. Anyway I get home… Please note I drove from Severn to Columbia mostly just for the lettuce wraps and a few other items, only to get back to Severn and discover I had no lettuce, only filling and sauce! Very very disappointed and frustrated!

  4. Jon Kraeuter says:

    This has been a favorite go-to restaurant for the last 5 years, but the quality and service has been mediocre in the last 6 months. On my last visit earlier this week, our entire order was 15 minutes late and when we finally got it, one of our dishes was burnt black and another dish had the wrong sauce. On the visit before that, they completely forgot to make half our order and it took 20+ minutes to remake it.

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