Pho Real Vietnamese – 13876 Old Columbia Pike, Silver Spring

 Pho Real Vietnamese

 13876 Old Columbia Pike, Silver Spring, MD 20904, USA

 +1 301-879-9700

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Vietnamese Restaurant

5 thoughts on “Pho Real Vietnamese – 13876 Old Columbia Pike, Silver Spring

  1. This place is phenomenal!! We recently moved to the area and once we found this place, I won’t go to another pho restaurant. I always get the brisket and the flavor is sensational. Their spring rolls and bubble tea are great too. I recently tried their Thai iced tea and love it!! They are quick, the food is reasonable and clean. The people that own the place are very cordial, for me that is part of the experience. Thy are always accommodating and very pleasant to deal with.

  2. Melissa Bacon says:

    Pho is awesome! Broth had the perfect balance of salt. Super fast service & attentive wait staff. Definitely will return!

  3. Shaun Jewett says:

    Good, solid pho. The menu is Pho-centric, which is a good thing. The only other things offered are “spring” and “summer” rolls. So, if you are in the mood for soup, this is a great spot. A little on the pricey side but, hey, it’s MoCo. Everything is expensive…

  4. Jamie Timon says:

    This place is bombs. Amazing. Go get some real pho at Pho Real. DO IT.

  5. Veronica Tejada says:

    Not the best Pho I had in my life but it passed my unique tastings Pho Real!

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