Riverside Coffee – 8865 Stanford Boulevard, Columbia

 Riverside Coffee

 8865 Stanford Blvd, Columbia, MD 21045, USA

 +1 410-312-0004


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5 thoughts on “Riverside Coffee – 8865 Stanford Boulevard, Columbia

  1. Great coffee place, really glad I found it! It was quiet and had a really nice atmosphere. The coffee was great; I just had it black, but there were lots of other options that also looked delicious on the menu. They had baked goods and sandwiches that were really tempting if I were looking for a meal, though I unfortunately didn’t try any of them. The location is a little bit hard to find, but now that I know it’s there I’ll definitely head back there.

  2. Gina Jones says:

    Typical coffee shop atmosphere. Good coffee. Service was a bit slow due to training of new employees

  3. Darren Klinefelter says:

    I have the distinct honor of calling myself a regular. Repeatedly blown away by their selection and consistent quality. Great coffee and even better breakfast sandwiches. A must for any Saturday morning breakfast!

  4. Kate Wackerle says:

    Had a great lunch and coffee – a nice break between my double show work day. Will definitely return and continue to support this business!

  5. David Mann says:

    A bit hidden, but worth finding. Good coffee, reasonable seating, baked goods and breakfast sandwiches are typical, large parking lot.

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