Starbucks – 5485 Harpers Farm Road, Columbia


 5485 Harpers Farm Rd, Columbia, MD 21044, USA

 +1 410-740-4501

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5 thoughts on “Starbucks – 5485 Harpers Farm Road, Columbia

  1. This Starbucks is walking distance from my house, but I drive father to avoid this place. Had multiple bad experiences. With the exception of one employee all are unfriendly. Look unhappy. Once I came in and they were closed because the employee didn’t show up. Another time i had to wait for them to brew the coffee. A third and final time I found some kind of small plastic bag in my cup after I already drank the coffee.

  2. zareali94 says:

    this starbucks is by far the worst one I have ever been to. the last time i ordered something, the employee stared at me with an incredulous look, like i was making fun of her. apparently the order i get every day………doesn’t exist. so today i go to get a frappe (knowing i should’ve just driven to the mall) and i literally have to pull up the menu on my phone, and read the ingredients to the employee in order for them to know how to make a ‘Cafe Vanilla Frappuccino’ so I’m pretty excited to get my drink the exact way i wanted it, and behold, there’s no milk in the frappe. NO MILK in a frappe. its basically one of the main ingredients. I truly believe they should not be able to use the starbucks name.

  3. Carter simpson says:

    This is the best Starbucks in the neighborhood, great customer service and amazing drinks, I especially like the heavy set fellow with the glasses he truly gives Starbucks a good look, its surprising he isn’t the manger.

  4. mario gonzalez says:

    Located inside of safeway

  5. Leo Sementilli says:

    The guy that looks like Clark Kent will make a latte that’ll blow your balls off

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