Starbucks – 6111 Dobbin Road, Columbia


 6111 Dobbin Rd, Columbia, MD 21045, USA

 +1 410-290-1123

(5 reviews)


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5 thoughts on “Starbucks – 6111 Dobbin Road, Columbia

  1. I don’t know what the other reviews are talking about the Morning crew of workers are the best. Yes they have a good time working so what. I always get my coffee within 5-10 minutes. They are definitely in my top 10 Starbucks locations.

  2. Ann Faust says:

    This is my favourite Starbucks around the world.
    All of the people who works there always polite and efficient, pretty much all the time!

  3. Jason Allen says:

    I was overcharged by 33% on a drink. The guy acted like he had no idea what was going on. 2 stars only because the other worker offered me a dollar our of own pocket. I refused due to his generosity but everyone needs to watch how the chubby white guy charges them.

  4. Anne de Dios says:

    Brain dead. Just stopped in on my way back to DC. No eye contact. No receipt. No reply when I said thank you [for making my drink]. No acknowledgement when I said it a bit louder to ensure they knew I was thankful.

    The entire time the baristas held a conversation between themselves.


    (Time of visit: Thursday, sept 6, 5:15pm)

  5. Blissful Enery says:

    Unpleasant experience. Management and the entire Starbucks corporation needs to give these unprofessional rude inattentive staff of this Starbucks a lesson in customer service. Sept 10th around 6pm we went in for some much needed Starbucks only to be ignored unacknowledged and looked over by the staff. Not something I’d want to relive

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