Starbucks – 6365 Dobbin Road, Columbia


 6365 Dobbin Rd, Columbia, MD 21045, USA

 +1 410-772-5305

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5 thoughts on “Starbucks – 6365 Dobbin Road, Columbia

  1. This is the worst Starbucks I have ever been to. I had a mobile order, was charged for the mobile order and arrived to the location to pick it up. I waited in the drive through line to pick it up because the line inside was out of the door for whatever reason. After waiting 35 minutes in line just to get to the speaker I told her I was there to pick up a mobile order for Jason. I then gave a brief description of the order, two iced drinks and a sandwich. I was told they had them and to just pull around. After another 15 minutes I get to to window and she hands me a single cup of piping hot coffee. I tell her this is not my order and I run her back through the description. She then says “we don’t have that” then why in the hell would you tell me you did and waste even more of my time? More than that, why was I charged and in receipt of a confirmation of this location. AND EVEN MORE THAN THAT WHY WAS I NOT GIVEN A REFUND FOR THE MONEY SPENT? NOT ONLY WOULD I GIVE YOU NO STARS IF I COULD, I WOULD DRAG YOU OUT TO SIT IT YOUR CAR, WASTE YOUR GAS, AN HOUR OF YOUR TIME, I WILL SET A TWENTY DOLLAR BILL ON FIRE OUT OF YOUR WALLET IN FRONT OF YOU AND MAYBE…MAYBE YOU WILL HAVE A VAGUE CONCEPTION OF YOUR GENERAL INCOMPETENCE AND LACK OF CUSTOMER CARE.

  2. Ani Thakar says:

    This one is tucked away behind a Wendy’s but is worth the trip. Quick and courteous service, well laid out tables, outdoor seating, and best of all, not freezing like most starbucks in the summer!

  3. Patrick Mitrik says:

    Google maps gets the location basically correct, but it is slightly hidden. Parking seems like it could be difficult to find but it wasn’t busy on the morning I was there. It is a smaller store, but seating was adequate the day I was there. The drive through seems like the better option and it moved quickly from what I saw.

  4. Renee Bell says:

    I absolutely dislike this Starbucks , everyone there looks so mean no one smiles, it doesnt makes you feel welcome, nothing so mono tone. I go this morning and i received a water down caramel frap theirs only one girl doing everything because it seems like no one wants to help or move from their assigned station . I think today will be the last day i visit this Starbucks .

  5. Sarah Woo says:

    This Starbucks is in a busy area so sometimes getting into the parking lot can be a cluster but the service is always great. The staff is friendly and the store is clean. They have never gotten my order wrong and they seem to serve their customers quickly and efficiently.

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