Starbucks – 7090 Deepage Drive, Columbia


 7090 Deepage Dr, Columbia, MD 21045, USA

 +1 410-381-0821

(5 reviews)


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5 thoughts on “Starbucks – 7090 Deepage Drive, Columbia

  1. fast and friendly service with a good selection of drinks and food. one of the better Starbucks I’ve been to, possibly partly due to the fact that it’s not in a mall or a grocery store, but mostly because it’s clean and well stocked.

  2. Scott Lass says:

    Great service even if it’s slow on a slow day.

    Cashier was great; but person who fixed my decaf mocha didn’t have a clue how to make it.

    Tasted like all chocolate. Not sure if she didn’t add the correct amount of coffee or if she just overloaded it with chocolate.

    Horrible drink for more than $4! Won’t be back.

  3. Brandon Gosnell says:

    Finally, a Paruvian style chicken place close to my office. First visit was great. Dare I say to much food.

  4. Victor Kunst says:

    I had not been in this Starbucks since 2007 and it has not changed. It is a small Starbucks with limited seating, but a very nice one. Well stocked and cozy with good parking.

  5. Kali Smith says:

    the cashier, bianka, didn’t write orders on cups as people ordered them. do they not do that anymore? how are the baristas supposed to know the orders? she also didn’t get names, even when a coworker reminded her.
    she stood at the cash register chomping away on gum, and when people ordered cake pops, she grabbed them with her bare hands. which would normally be ok, she grabbed the sticks, but her chubby fingers brushed against other food. hire better people.

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