Pho One-O – 2651 Annapolis Road B, Hanover

 Pho One-O

 2651 Annapolis Rd B, Hanover, MD 21076, USA

 +1 410-551-0401

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Vietnamese Restaurant

5 thoughts on “Pho One-O – 2651 Annapolis Road B, Hanover

  1. The reviews do NOT do this place justice. This is the best Pho location for MILES. If the fact that they changed their dining experience to be more modern bothers you, get over it….its 2018. The broth is amazing. They have a great selection of drinks and they even have a HIP HOP night.
    I have spent so much money here that I dont even bother thinking about getting Pho anywhere else.

  2. Joseph Speaks says:

    This is a great place! The exterior presentation does not match what you experience inside. It is clean, new, spacious and attractive when you walk in and sit down. The staff were polite, patient and informative. The pho was good with the broth seasoned but still refreshing and gave the meat a great opportunity to shine through. The drinks were also very well made and priced quite reasonably. The overall experience made a very positive impression. Every person who served me there was kind, helpful and attentive. In particular, my server, Jason, was on top of making sure that I had the best experience that I could have. I will definitely return.

  3. Jen l says:

    I love this place and has great food and a bar pretty much everything you can think of the only thing that I don’t like about it is that you have to place your order at the counter now. They used to send someone to your table to take your older like most places and their menu is much smaller than it used to be. But I love their wide variety of alcohol beverages and karaoke night.

  4. L'Tisha Walker says:

    Delicious pho. Service is quick and not fussy. I’d love to come check it out at night when it turns into a lounge.

  5. Dillon Wills says:

    Great food and atmosphere. The Pho was excellent (as might be expected). Authentic and delicious. The food made it to the table in a timely manner with very minimal waiting.

    Overall a great experience at this location!

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